Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repair service from the Tiemann experts

Efficient fleet management only works with reliable partners. See for yourself our excellent workshop service. We are there for you with our service locations right in your neighborhood, happy to help you and your machine get back on track. During the harvest season in summer we offer you a 24/7 emergency service in all weathers and at any time of the day, even on weekends. During the winter season, we offer a reduced time emergency service from d 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Our recommendation: Avoid unplanned workshop costs and minimize your entrepreneurial risks by protecting yourself and your machines to the best possible extent. We offer you comprehensive warranty extensions (PowerGard) and attractive maintenance contracts. With the annual inspection by our expert personnel (Expert Check) as well as remote monitoring by means of Expert Alert, repair needs are detected early enough to avoid breakdowns of your machines at times when they are so urgently needed.



FarmSight John Deere

PowerGard is John Deere's extended warranty that protects you from higher repair costs and lets you benefit from fast repairs with genuine John Deere replacement parts.PowerGard protects your machine against costly, unpredictable repairs for up to 8 years. As long as the machine is protected by PowerGard, only a small deductible will be due, regardless of the extent and cost of the repair.

With PowerGard, you can protect your business against unforeseen repair costs and calculate the running costs of the machines over a fixed period of time from the outset. The PowerGard Protection packages cover costly and also unüusual repairs – minus the low, per-repair deductible.

To best suit your needs, these contracts distinguish between two levels of protection. Through PowerGard Protection, you are guaranteed protection of the central power-transmitting components for the reliability of your machine. With engine, transmission, front axle and frame, the most complex and expensive components are covered. With PowerGard Protection Plus, you get all-round, worry-free protection for virtually all components.



Maintenance contract

With our maintenance contracts you secure today's price for tomorrow's maintenance. You can calculate with a fixed price and have no high one-time costs, as you conveniently pay a lower flat rate monthly. As a result, you secure attractive conditions and flexible payment terms, as well as protection against inflation and price increases. This ensures maximum planning and operational reliability and minimizes your business risk. The maintenance contract includes all maintenance specified by John Deere that is due during the specified term.

Maintenance contracts can generally be concluded for new and used John Deere machines. For machines with an active JDLink subscription, we also take care of the organization of upcoming maintenance, for example, and contact you to arrange an appointment.


Expert Check and Expert Alerts
 Tiemann Service

With the motto "prevent instead of repair" you reduce your costs. Arrange a regular Expert Check – our comprehensive inspection – and increase the uptime and performance of your machine.

Through John Deere Connected Support's smart technology, we also receive Expert Alerts – predictive alerts – for your machines to identify and address potential future machine failures early, before they become a problem.
We're happy to keep an eye on your fleet and proactively reach out to you in a timely manner when action is needed. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.


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